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 ゲーム  WoT  概要      
     Mod  Aslain  インストール  

  0.9.9  v4.5.1 (16-07-2015):
- updated XVM to nighly build 4636
- updated Spot Messanger
- updatd Research Watchdog
- updated OTM reload
- updated spg minimap aimcircle
- updated utannouncer
- updated damage log gambiter v0.1.6 beta
- updated BalCalMod - updated AutoTelescope
- updated Kriegstreiber's Gun, Engines & Hit sounds
- updated Team HP Pools by Locastan and Armagomen
- updated Mikkaav's contour icons
- updated Hangar Manager 'HangMan' with few built-in garages
- updated Locastans HD minimap
- updated Info Panel minimalistic
- updated Roktaal's Compact Horizontal Techtree
- removed XVM tank carousel cell highlighting (need update)
- removed not working Info Panels
- attention, many crosshairs are bugged in 9.9, need new scripts/files, only J1mbo and Harpoon are reliable currently
- attention, only my own and Mikkaav's contour icons are updated, more come later

v4.5.0 (15-07-2015):
- compatibility with WoT 0.9.9 (based on XVM nightly build 4627)
- removed incompatible and potentialy incompatible mods with WoT 0.9.9
- updated critical mod scripts like PMOD and Koshnaranek
- since I'm on vacations, it will take some time to update the rest, patience please :)
- forgive me if some mods are still bugged, I couldn't test everything from here

v4.4.42 (11-07-2015):
- corrected player name position when installing OTM player name + OTM vehicle icon contour
- corrected OTM vehicle icon contour position
- fixed ammo type message in Gambiter Damage Log
- added option to select Damage done & absorbed position in Gambiter Damage Log
- added Battle Results window wih SerB, continued by Aslain
- updated Qualan's icons package

v4.4.41 (10-07-2015):
- updated YasenKrasen PL config (corrected ignored battles)
- updated Spotted Extended by BirrettaMalefica (10.7.2015)
- updated Sixth Sense Duration by BirrettaMalefica (09.7.2015)
- added Focus mod by BirrettaMalefica
- added ammo type to hit message in Gambiter's DamageLog
- added option: "Hide player names" to Gambiter's DamageLog branch
- added Direction indicator (Prohibited on NA & ASIA servers)
2015.07.04  v4.4.36 (04-07-2015):
- added moonio contour icons
- updated UT announcer config
- replaced ZJ OTM reload with the other version without time limitation (and also because ZJ is known as WoT cheats creator)
- removed Direction indicator by Lportii (because of unceretain status of this mod, and that Lportii is known as WoT cheats creator)

Added following labels to listed mods:

- Minimap Tankview Extended (Prohibited on ASIA server) [it seem to be legit on NA:]
- AutoAim Indication+ (prohibited on NA & ASIA server)
- OTM Reload (this version is allowed on NA & ASIA servers)
- Damage Announcer EU version (full) (prohibited on NA & ASIA servers)
- Zoom-in 48x (10 steps, 1.6-48) [by P_MOD] (prohibited on NA & ASIA servers)
- Zoom-in 60x (10 steps, 1.6-60) [by P_MOD] (prohibited on NA & ASIA servers)
2015.07.03  v4.4.35 (03-07-2015):
- updated Autoaim indication+
2015.07.02  v4.4.34 (02-07-2015):
- fixed croatian language in the installer
- updated webium's updater v0.7
- updated DamageLog Gambiter v0.1.4 Beta
2015.07.01  v4.4.33 (01-07-2015):
- added sound preview to crew voice sound mods
- updated polish version of YasenKrasen session stats
- moved AutoAim Indication+ from Aim Helping branch (check it again, otherwise it won't install)
- moved BalCalcMod from Aiming system branch (check it again, otherwise it won't install)
- removed Advanced Aiming System (due to incompatibility with many mods)
2015.06.30   v4.4.32 (30-06-2015):
- updated ZJ OTM Reload mod (working period to 31.07)
- added Direction indicator by Lportii
- added WotXp - tracking of the crew and vehicle experience (to the bottom of garage branch)
- added Research Watchdog (to bottom of garage branch) (config by plkJaqenHghar)
- added Team HP Counter by Tratatank
2015.06.29  v4.4.31 (29-06-2015):
- removed all mods created by spoter (the main reason is that author threatens to all EU server users, that he will ban EU server if we keep using his mods - it has started after he was given a warning from WG-EU moderator for violating forum rules, the other reasons are unstability of his mods, and that he's tracking mod usage via all his mods without users consent [privacy violation - tracked personal WG-ID and what not....] and it happens every battle played, and every WoT launch!)
- improved sound preview system (still limited to 6th sense sounds)
- added first version of korean translation by junn to installer
2015.06.28   v4.4.30 (28-06-2015):
- added sound preview to 6th sense sound mods (thanks to MGIMATTY and BegiN for helping) [more later]
- added clanMod v0.9.8.10
- added Danish translation by Quaksen to installer
- updated Autoaim indicator+
- updated vbaddict scripts (ADU)
- updated hitzone skins Fire & Ammo Rack by BadBoy78 to 9.8.1
- updated TessuMod v0.6.1 (Fixed 32bit TeamSpeak crash with TessuMod Plugin installed, Fixed TessuMod Plugin installer not launching when clicking plugin advertisement's install-button. Execute the installer manually from res_mods\\tessumod.ts3_plugin if you have already installed the previous TessuMod Plugin or you have clicked the "No thanks, don't show this again" -link.)
- fixed 6th sense sound Metal Gear
2015.06.26  v4.4.29 (26-06-2015):
- updated Piciu's War Thunder Sound Mods (guns v2.1, tracks v1.21, crew voices v1.3, engines v1.4)
- updated Artillery sight on the minimap (new swf)
- updated Advanced Aiming System
- updated Spotted extended v3.05 - Full
- updated locastans UI mod (check UImod.xml for new features)
- added Angel Extended v1.24 by spoter (20 battles a day limit)
- fix to uninstalling the modpack (hopefuly it's finall)
2015.06.24  v4.4.28 (24-06-2015):
- repacked Gui sounds & some crew voices by vito74m DLC with correct path
- added L.CTRL zoom option to Locastans HD minimap
- added UT Announcer Pack gen.2 (please send me aslains logs if your loading bar stucks on 100% with this mod)
- reworked Low HP exclamation marker branch, added option with big marker
- changed the way how Locastans HD minimap is being installed when SPG aim circle on minimap mod is selected (will cripple SPG aim circle, but these both mods are incompatible and this is best workaround)
- fixed Squad icon in the Max info (vehicle name, stats and squad number) option
- improved the Max Info options, now they can be installed along with Player names option selected
2015.06.23  v4.4.27 (23-06-2015):
- updated Spotted Extended v3.04 by spoter
- updated TessuMod v0.6.0 and changed to DLC
- updated Piciu's War Thunder Sound Mods (gun v2.0, tracks v1.2, crew voices v1.2)
- updated Vehicle Exp Extended v2.07 by spoter (without modsettings api)
- added Autoaim extended v3.02 by spoter (without modsettings api)
- reworked Spotted Extended (divided into light & full, added new preview (ru), updated configs by Aslain, added polish translation by Aslain) 
     v4.4.26 (22-06-2015):
- upgraded Spotted Extended v3.03 to Full version
- updated Ally Outlines by Locastan (fix to prtscr)
- updated Vehicle Exp Extended (config)
- fixed installing Locastans hd minimap (correct disabling of XVM minimap)
- installer optimization
v4.4.25 (20-06-2015):
- simplified launching of the mod picture preview
- fixed Gambiter's Damage Log v0.1.3b Polish version
- fixed Silent Battle Timer when installing WoT Tweaker's sound preload

v4.4.24 (19-06-2015):
- updated XVM to v6.1.2.3
- updated Harpoon v3.0 crosshair (author warns that some features are disabled in arty mode, he's still fixing them)
- updated Damage Log v0.1.3 beta by Gambiter
- added Debug Panel from Harpoon crosshair
- added Locastan's angle viewer for 9.8 (bug: missplaced battle timer)
- fixed options in Gun Constraints (gun traverse angle markers)
- replaced Team HP Pool style by Armagomen to Leeuniverses
- removed UT Announcer (hanging the game in certain conditions)
- note: please use Region Changer with care, If you are unexperienced with this app, it can damage your game client, and you'll have to redownload game again. I'm not responsible for your mistakes.
- note: Minimap Tankview Extended is LEGIT on NA server (it works only in your own drawing range)

v4.4.23 (18-06-2015):
- updated XVM to nightly 4554 (xvm enhancemement back to Battle Results window)
- upaded Armor Calculator (also known as Angle indicator from Melty's)
- updated HD hitzones by Goharu (as state of 10.06.2015)
- added Szarik Sense pack by Aslain (6th sense sounds and 6th sense icons, including real Szarik pics)

v4.4.22 (17-06-2015):
- added updated New graphics on Battle Results window by Ragnarocek
- optimized installing script for less shadow OTM option
- optimized installing script for spotting icons on PlayersPanel

v4.4.21 (16-06-2015):
- today's WoT micropatch brought back stats to Battle Results window, which was bugged by WG before
- updated XVM to nightly 4524 (update for WoT #62)
- changed CB colors on the minimap as simiid suggested
- removed Battle Stat windows by Ragnarocek (incompatible with todays micropatch)
- removed P_mod stats (incompatibility with colored messages on chat with previous battle results)
- reverted P_mod scripts back to default (from extended due the same reasons like above)

v4.4.20 (15-06-2015):
- tuned capture bar position when "More visible minimap coordinates" option is selected
- tuned CB colors on the minimap and alt.minimap (hope there is enough contrast now)
- fixed PMOD zoom-in and stats config, that was causing colored chat messages and the other session stats not working
- fixed (enabled) damage log in new LAMP damage panel v5
- if you previously installed 4.4.19 consider this as critical update

v4.4.19 (15-06-2015):
- fixed preview picture for Melty crosshair
- moved Deegie and Mjolnir crosshairs to back to main crosshair branch (like in the past)
- corrected capture bar's default position
- added PogS contour icons Color Simple and Color DMG ART VR RLD
- added P_MOD's Session Stats branch with config by Solo (more will come later)
- added Effective armor calculator (for own vehicle) with extra gun constrains ruler for TD and SPG
- added LAMP damage panel Zaya's Style without damage log (now with CTRL centered pop-up version)
- updated LAMP damage panel to v5

v4.4.18 (13-06-2015):
- updated XVM to v6.1.2.1
- temporary removed clanMod (call it precausion, some users reported issues when using it)

v4.4.17 (12-06-2015):
- updated Multi Hit Log v2.3 - Hitlog, InBattle WN8, Damage Log
- updated Team HP Pool - HP Bar style by Armagomen v1.3.2
- updated LAMP damage panel to v4 [- Finally got the Crew Icon colors just right. - Made the Damage Log text "readable"... wasn't before. - Added the little angle "pee pee" in the front of the tank in the panel. - written by leeuniverse]
- added new spotting icons: bulb #2
- added option: Hide icons for not spotted vehicles
- fixed spotting icon positions (they are perfectly aligned now)

v4.4.16 (11-06-2015):
- if you cannot take screenshots with PRTSCR button remove Ally Outlines mod
- updated DebugPanel by Ragnarocek to v27.5.2015
- added Battle Stats by Ragnarocek (new graphics on battle results window)
- added Miku Hangar Mod 2.0 (WGDC ver.) (with integrated hangman like all my garages)
- added BatCave (IGR Tech Hangar) (with integrated hangman like all my garages)
- rebranched few garage mods (please re-check your favorite mods there, in case they were unselected)

v4.4.15 (10-06-2015):
- updated Radial Menu script in "Spam" and Marvin options (no more ProTanki crap I hope)
- updated LAMP Damage Panel v3
- removed outdated contour icons by moonio, vito74m and corehorn (authors not responding to my messages too)
- fixed flags and xvm icons (shouldn't get installed without your consent now)
- fixed Artillery sight on the minimap (removed green rectangle while in arty view)
- added/updated some picture previews and links (thanks to Quaksen for helping)
- added Skins with hitzones by KoreanRandom for WoT 9.8
- added Xft DamageLog + split hitlog
- added Seafalcons DamageLog only
- added Arnold Schwarzenegger crew voices, 6th sense icon, and 6th sense sounds by MrBully
- added Vbaddict's ATS and BRR mods (for Active Dossie Uploader)

v4.4.14 (09-06-2015):
- updated XVM to nightly build 4509
- updated LAMP Damage Panel (Switched Repair & Crew positions, Repair Icons are now "Invisible" until needed [crew can't be, limitation]
- updated script for "Standard crosshair with timer and more" (dynamic range finder fixed)
- added WoT Region Editor v2.2
- replaced old updater with Webiums updater mod ("your modpack is old" no more)
- attention! this is a critical update, I found out there were unwanted leftovers from older XVM versions being installed before, that might cause some client stability issues. Clean install is mandatory!

v4.4.13 (08-06-2015):
- updated Selected tank highlighter on XVM carousel (reworked by Aslain)
- updated Torque contour icons for WoT 9.8 (original author, not a dirty fix this time)
- updated xobotyi by galagan contour icons for WoT 9.8
- updated carousel.xc & capturebar.xc with new XVM options (also for future purposes)
- updated crew voices Hallack (PL)
- added LAMP Damage Panel Mod Zaya's Style, Angle Indicator, Center Repair/Crew [optimized for 1920x1080]
- added INSERT key option to XVM minimap zoom
- added Black & White HD minimaps
- added Chat Scrolling (enables chat scroll with mousewheel)
- added Clan Logo Remover, Stickers and Inscriptions Remover & Transparent Camouflage to AFR section
- removed contrabass contour icons (mod outdated, cannot find new version)
- turned off RDA team spam
- corrected position of CaptureBar when Team HP Pool bar mod is being installed due to recent XVM changes
- fixed Pershing icon in Aslain's regular and classical iconset
- reworked AutoTelescope branch (please select your options again)
- info: some crosshairs are still not fixed, I'm aware of some issues, especialy in arty view - no need to report it. This is not my fault, I'm trying to do a job that should be done by crosshair authors, not myself, they should fix their own mods!

v4.4.12 (07-06-2015):
- updated minimap.xc with new features recently added to XVM (i.e. spg aim icon scale)
- reverted Autoaim indicator+ to previous version
- removed bugged sights.pyc and replaced with EasyCrosshairs.pyc in following crosshairs: Sword of Damocles, Team Rougnecks crosshair, Regular crosshair with reload and more, OverCross, Dellux, Shtys minimalistics, ProArty
- removed bugged crosshairs: Shooters, Zayaz
- re-added custom spg crosshairs branch
- re-added ProArty, and Sword of Damocles spg crosshairs to J1mbo's
- re-added Vehicle Exp Extended v2.05 by spoter
- fixed hitzones branch

v4.4.11 (06-06-2015):
- updated XVM to nightly build 4506
- added locastans UI mod (beta) [scaling UI elements for 4K resolution] for WoT 9.8.1
- added ReCo's Vertical Techtree by Mike2051 (RVT
- updated YasenKrasen's session stats to
- updated Autoaim indicator+
- updated TORQue contour icons for WoT 9.8.1 (dirty fix by T0m0n)
- fixed reload timer in XFT damage panel
- removed Dellux crosshair (use Shyts minimalistic sights instead)
- removed italian outdated translation from the installer
- removed custom spg crosshairs - need fixing
- removed all spg crosshairs from J1mbo, except J1mbo's
- removed bugged sights.pyc and replaced with EasyCrosshairs.pyc in following crosshairs: Deegie's, J1mbo's, Shtys, Melty, Mjolnir, Taipan. It's not finished, I will take care of the other crosshairs another day.
- disabled BlueShot (ability to shot at team killer - blue player ) in Advanced Aiming System's SafeShot

v4.4.10 (05-06-2015):
- updated Advanced Aiming System
- updated BalCalcMod
- added reload counter to XFT damage panel and updates to gambiter's 0.1.2 beta scripts
- added AutoTelescope from 02.06.2015
- added option to enable Battle Assistant that is built into Advanced Aiming System (it's a bit bugged but still requested, so use with care and don't report problems!). Triggered by G key. Note: that if you install AAS, the regular Battle Assistant will be unchecked - to prevent installing them both at the same time. The same with SafeShot for AAS - when you install it, the regular SafeShot will be unchecked.

v4.4.9 (05-06-2015):
- updated Armored Extended v1.13
- added: Wide border of maps (light) (side effect: ugly ground textures)
- fixed Blue vs Red color scheme alternative minimal labels
- fixed Green vs. Violet (CB) color scheme on minimap
- fixed Green vs. Orange color scheme on minimap
- fixed spotting icons when installing XFT damage panel + hitlog
- fixed alternative minimap labels
- fixed russian text on english Damage Log Gambiter
- removed Vehicle Exp Extended v2.05 by spoter (causing CTD's)
- removed Autoaim extended v2.08 by spoter (suspected for CTD's)
- note: if you still experience CTD's please remove mods by spoter and see that way if you still crash

v4.4.8 (04-06-2015):
- added new XVM option: Show alive players count instead of frags on Score Board
- updated SpotMessanger by BirrettaMalefica
- updated Advanced Aiming System by GPCracker
- updated TessuMod-0.5.5
- updated SeaFalcons Damage Panel + Hitlog v9.8.4
- updated Damage Log GambitER 0.1.2 beta
- updated Prudenter contour icons for 9.8
- fixed installing proper files for XFT damage log
- fixed Aslain's contour icons (added missing tanks to modern, modern 3d and classical CB)
- removed damage sticker files from Kriegstreiber's Hit sounds v3.031 (fix to damage stickers)
- note: missing some stats in the after battle window is known issue, caused by WG 9.8 udpate
- note: PlayersPanel enlarging on CTRL key is known issue, caused by WG 9.8 udpate
- note: both issues are not fixable at this moment, rumor says it should be done in upcoming 9.9

v4.4.7 (03-06-2015):
- updated XVM to v6.1.2 (again, since XVM made two "same" version that day, the 2nd one is more stable)
- updated SeaFalcons Damage Panel + Hitlog v9.8.3
- updated Jahral's Damage Panel [optimized for 1920x1080]
- updated Taipan crosshair
- added Damage Panel with Angle Indicator and HitLog v9.8.2 |SoloReborn|
- added Locastan's full session stats for 9.8.1
- added Spotted extended v3.03 Light by spoter (hope I translated it well)
- replaced Turret Fix mod with Server turret extended v1.04 by spoter
- renamed mod component AutoEquip to Equip Auto Return
- fixed saving .inf log

v4.4.6 (02-06-2015):
- updated Crew Exp Extended v3.12 by spoter
- updated Quests Extended v2.02 by spoter
- updated Vehicle Exp Extended v2.05 by spoter
- updated Direction Indicator Extended v1.10 by spoter
- updated Armoring Extended v1.13 by spoter
- updated Autoaim Extended v2.08 by spoter
- updated PMOD to 0.9.8 #16-3
- updated crosshair Damocles Sword v7.14
- updated SeaFalcons Damage Panel + Hitlog v9.8.2
- updated Damage Announcer v2.2 (split into EU and NA version, be carefull!)
- removed AutoTelescope (bugged, making platoons not ready etc.)
- removed Im spotted mod (need better one)
- replaced obsolete AutoEquip mod with new XVM function called "Equip Auto Return" - removable equipment auto-return (Camouflage net, Stereoscope, Toolbox)

v4.4.5 (02-06-2015):
- updated XVM to v6.1.2
- updated Piciu's Warthunder Sounds (guns and engines)
- fixed bug caused by Wargaming's minipatch

v4.4.4 (01-06-2015):
- updated XVM to nightly build 4464
- updated Shtys Damage Panel (Modified By Ephemerich)
- updated PMOD to 0.9.8 #16-2
- updated Master_XH's contour icons
- added XFT hitlog + damagelog v0.15
- added crew icons historical tankmans
- added "I'm spotted" mod (replacement for bugged and probly abondoned SpotMessanger mod)
- added Gun Reload Sound (by Aslain) [incompatible with crew voices: alternative duke 3d, and kapitan bomba]
- added TessuMod settings to automatic backup system
- completly removed any references to gui_sounds.xml (Szarik fix attempt)
- fixed installing SirPuffalot/Kodos icons
- fixed all PlayersPanel align due to squad icon code change
- removed Team HP Counter Tratatank (not working)

v4.4.3 (31-05-2015):
- updated XVM v6.1.2-rc2
- updated crosshair Hardscope v11.7 fix
- updated contour icons v1.10 by Nikodemsky
- updated Ritterkreuz crew voices v3.5
- updated 15m circle mod
- updated Taipan crosshair
- updated Hangar-Manager 'HangMan' v1.9.1.2
- updated Blue Crosshair
- updated Dumadidak Black Hangar with new hangman version
- updated Damage Log v0.1.1 beta by Gambiter
- updated SafeShot
- added contour icons by SirPuffalot
- added Standard crosshair, with better timer and more
- added Damage Panels similar to zayaz (by unknown person)
- added Arcade-Sniper Switch Lag Fix + Max Farplane by Nikodemsky
- added Mini Damage Panel by Nikodemsky
- added hitzone skins Fire & Ammo Rack by BadBoy78 and Goharu
- added WWIIHWA KT's sounds (guns, hits, engines) by budyx69 (KT left modding WoT)
- fix attempt to Melty crosshair (I know, never ending story, but it's not my fault that mod is not supported, and is acting differently on different computers when using different sights.pyc script - crazy no?)

v4.4.2 (30-05-2015):
- updated XVM to nightly build 4440 (after few tests seem to be better than 6.2.1-beta1)
- updated Gnomefather's Gun sounds v1.9632 (fixed hanging on battle loading)
- updated Gnomefather's Engine sounds v0.62 (fixed some missing sounds)
- updated following contour icons to 9.8: Ashbanes, Qualans, Kodos, Man1aq, mightyosHis, Mikkaavs, Tomsas, Webiums, Witblitzs supermini, Wizards, Pog's Color MAX FSR
- updated Received Damage Announcer v2.1
- updated Battle Assistant v1.3.1
- updated Melty crosshair to the latest available on Meltys support topic (for me it has bugged reload but if this works for you guys, then no problem - this crosshair is a nighmare to support!!!)
- updated Mav's Ultra Fog Remover
- updated big hot key numbers
- re-added Kodos compact horizontal tech-tree
- re-added Autotelescope
- added Shtys Damage Panel (Modified By Ephemerich)
- added Minimalistic version of Locastans session stats
- fixed Roktaal's Compact Horizontal Techtree branch
- fixed OverCross crosshair
- fixed errors in FR and PT translations, that caused display wrong text in english translation
- fixed gui_sounds.xml (was bugged since beginning of 9.7, Szarik could not bark etc...)
- note: recent changes in XVM config code made some PlayerPanels look bad/missplaced. Will try to fix it once I finish with adding updated mods to 9.8

v4.4.1 (29-05-2015):
- updated XVM to XVM-6.1.2-beta1
- updated MLG's hit marker mod
- updated Taipan crosshair
- updated ProArty crosshair
- updated Dellux and Sthys minimalistic crosshair
- updated Save login Asia
- updated Received Damage Announcer (continued by PLSiusiak)
- updated Autoaim indicator v0.9.8-20150529
- updated J1mbo contour icons v1.42
- updated Roktaal's Compact Horizontal Techtree
- re-added fixed Deegie's Blue crosshair
- re-added TessuMod
- re-added fixed Gnomefathers' sound mods
- re-added Piciu's War Thunder sounds
- re-added SeaFalcons Damage Panel + Hitlog
- fixed installing Train Wagon mods by MAS629 and Locastan
- fixed english version of YasenKrasen session stats
- changed position of damage caused & received in Gambiter's damage log
- removed Debug Panel from Harpoon crosshair (bugged)
- removed Melty's Armor calculator (bugged)
- removed Locastan's compass (bugged)
- removed Spotted extended (bugged)
- removed Standard crosshair, with better timer and more (reload counter bugged)

v4.4.0 (28-05-2015):
- if you cannot find your favorite mod in the list, that means I had to remove it to make the modpack work with WoT 9.8 update - no need to ask them to be re-added!
- expect issues with minimap lines/circles and players panel with CTRL key, something is bugged in XVM for 9.8
- note: only Aslain's and Best Icons Ever are up to date for 9.8!
- added DamageLog Gambiter v0.1.0 beta
- updated XVM to nighly build 4415
- removed Reload Sounds (up, sabot up.. etc, not compatible with spoter mods)

v4.3.27 (25-05-2015):
- removed Accurate Damage Indicator #5 (bugged)
- updated Hangar-Manager 'HangMan' v1.9.1
- updated Aslain's minimapLines.xc (changed line style)
- fixed options for Minimap Tankview Extended
- fixed Dellux crosshair
- rebranched xvm minimap camera line section

v4.3.26 (23-05-2015):
- added option to selected tank highlighter color on tank carousel
- fixed script for uninstalling the modpack, it's now safe to use uninstall function
- updated greek language file by Sirithlhach1
- removed Battle Assistant from AAS (it's not working well. You may try to use external BA instead)

v4.3.25 (20-05-2015):
- added Realtime Achievement Announcer (RTAN) by Aim_drol
- added Advanced Aiming System (still in beta, be warned). Featuring: safeshot, battle assistant, arty sniper mode and X-Ray target lock for standard auto-aim
- updated Hangar manager hangman v1.9.0.1 (DLC garages still req. update)

v4.3.24 (18-05-2015):
- updated Autoaim indicator+ (0.9.7-20150517)
- updated Piciu's War Thunder sound mods
- updated Nikodemsky contour icon with fix by jareckus
- added Piciu's War Thunder track sounds
- added fixed Allied Outlines 97c
- added separate Spot Indicator (for NA server)
- removed Chat Scrolling (bugged in 9.7)
- fixed SpotMessanger option: send to team

v4.3.23 (17-05-2015):
- updated Melty's crosshair script (again...)
- updated all clan icons to 2015.04 (except for ru)
- updated installer languages
- added ProArty with new files

v4.3.22 (16-05-2015):
- updated XVM to
- updated Master_X's contour icons with english version
- updated script for Melty's blue crosshair
- added Mikkaav's contour icons (based on Artasan's style)
- fixed Deegie's arty view
- rebranched few iconsets with new options
- disabled Moonio's contour icons (outdated)

v4.3.21 (15-05-2015):
- fixed Melty and Mjornir crosshairs reload counter
- updated Shtys crosshair

v4.3.20 (14-05-2015):
- updated Sights.pyc in all crosshairs to the newest version from Phantasm_RU
- added expected_tank_values.json v20 (12th May 2015)
- added Mjornir crosshair v3

v4.3.19 (13-05-2015):
- updated Wizards contour icons
- removed ProSights.pyc, not working properly with mods by spoter
- removed crosshair ProArty (not working without ProSights)
- reworked whole crew voices branch (new order and look)
- added Sights.pyc to following crosshairs: Deegie's, Minimalistic Sights, Standard with Timer
- added WoT Tweaker Plus v1.2 application

v4.3.18 (12-05-2015):
- corrected font size on the alt minimap (from 8px to 7px)
- fixed squad number appearance
- updated default xvm config files
- updated Locastan's hd minimap images
- added crew voices Space Marine by Varatesh (Warhammer 40k)
- added contour icons by Master_XH (ru)
- added Fire & Ammo Rack hitzones by BadBoy78 (not updated to 9.7)

v4.3.17 (11-05-2015):
- fixed Pershing tier in Aslain's classical and regular icons
- fixed hp circles on the minimap option
- added 3 new options to alternative minimap (player names, colored player names, rating)
- added No Fog option for Improved Lighting Mod
- updated Radial menu mod

v4.3.16 (10-05-2015):
- fixed empty flags appearance
- fixed installing Harpoon2
- added Duke Nukem Voice (alternative version)
- added hitzones by Dendyt
- added Bat Cave hangar
- updated Crew Exp Extended v3.10
- updated LegendarySpecies' TwoStepsFromHell Music Mod (now with hangar music and more songs)

v4.3.15 (08-05-2015):
- updated XVM v6.1.1
- updated Colored Damage Stickers to 9.7 (also added new ones)
- updated Rozszerzone informacje by Nikodemsky
- replaced Dellux crosshair config with previous one (older)
- added angles indicator to DamagePanel Gambiter (credits to Qualan for helping)
- added Team HP Counter by Tratatank
- added Harpoon v2.1 crosshair (ru)
- added ProArty option to J1mbo's crosshair
- removed Allied silouhettes by Locastan (bugged,

v4.3.14 (07-05-2015):
- updated XVM to nighly build 4272
- updated Piciu's War Thunder Gun Sounds v1.86
- updated contrabass contour icons revised 9.7
- updated lgfrbcsgo's Improved Lighting Mod v0.9.7.3
- updated Enhanced HD Minimaps Gen. 4 (97c)
- updated Allied silouhettes by Locastan (97b)
- updated Spot Messanger (6.5.2015)
- fixed script for Melty's crosshair

v4.3.13 (06-05-2015):
- updated XVM to nighly build 4267
- added lgfrbcsgo's Improved Lighting Mod
- added Qualan's contour icons
- added Rozszerzone informacje by Nikodemsky
- added Mod ESL v3.3
- removed RTAN by Aim_drol (malfunctioning)

v4.3.12 (05-05-2015):
- updated XVM to nighly build 4262
- updated Madagascar - Alternative version (PL lang.)
- updated WoT Tweaker (added missing options)
- updated Torque contour icon mod 9.7
- updated sights.pyc one more time
- updated crosshair Harpoon 3 Full version
- added Spotted extended v2.05 by spoter
- fixed Aslain's 3D contour icons

v4.3.11 (04-05-2015):
- added Arcade-Sniper Switch Lag Fix + Max Farplane
- added Minimap Tankview Extended (0.9.7-20150503) by Krzysztof_Chodak
- added Harpoon v3 crosshair beta version for 9.7
- added Miku Hangar Mod 2.0 (WGDC ver.)
- updated ProArty crosshair
- reworked the 6th sense sound installing code (internal changes)
- fixed auto reset of YasenKrasen session stats option

v4.3.10 (03-05-2015):
- updated XVM to nighly build 4255
- updated Aslain's contour icons Classical and Regular (added missing tanks)
- updated SPG crosshair on minimap mod
- updated Chat filter & antispam v2.7.7
- updated Hangar Calculator by AntonVK
- updated Shtys Minimalistic Sights
- updated Deegie's crosshair with protanki script
- updated Standard crosshair, with better timer and more with protanki script
- added Autoaim indicator+ (0.9.7-20150502)
- added ADU scripts (vbaddict)
- added Minimap Tankview Extended by Krzysztof_Chodak
- added Direction indicator extended v1.07 by spoter
- added TessuMod 0.5.3 (WOT/Teamspeak integration mod)
- removed Mod ESL v3.1 (no garage button, waiting for update)
- had no choice and added protanki script, because some crosshair makers are using it now. Expect russian spam window telling lies about using script without permission (they gave permission to mod authors, but still display this spam window, so be warned!). Currently following crosshairs are using this script: Shtys minimalistic sights, Deegie's crosshairs, Standard crosshair, with better timer and more.

v4.3.9 (02-05-2015):
- updated XVM to nighly build 4245
- updated Radial Menu python script
- updated UT Announcer Gen2
- updated Dellux crosshair (doesn't depend on sights.pyc since now)
- following mods were removed due to uncertain stability: Allied silouhettes by Locastan, Direction indicator extended by spoter, AutoAim Indication+, Spotted extended by spoter, Spotted vehicle direction on aim circle, Autoaim extended by spoter, Spotted vehicle direction on aim circle

v4.3.8 (01-05-2015):
- fixed installing lcastans hd minimap and spg crosshair on minimap
- fixed czech language selection in the installer
- fixed installing KT hit sounds and engine sounds
- updated Ally Outlines Always
- updated Locastans hd minimap

v4.3.7 (01-05-2015):
- added Roktaal Compact Horizontal Techtree
- added Czech translation of the installer by Ameli1-cz
- added DeathMatch announcer
- replaced OTM Reload with ZJ Marker Re-Load
- removed crosshairs that under certain circumstances were causing CTD right after loading to battle: KT crosshairs, Harpoon crosshairs, Optic TRG
- re-added Spotted vehicle direction on aim circle (author suddenly changed his mind and updated it)
- updated Spot Messanger 9.7
- updated Kodos compact horizontal tech-tree
- fixed order of tanks on carousel, for now it matches EU server
- expect many crosshairs to have bugs with reloading, sitghs.pyc needs to be updated and there is only couple of mods that do not requires that

v4.3.6 (30-04-2015):
- added new XVM hangar option: Enable gold locker
- added new XVM hangar option: Enable Free XP locker
- added new XVM hangar option: Change default currency from gold to credits
- added new Battle Assistant option: triggered by both 'G' and 'Mouse4' button
- added Artillery sight on the minimap
- added Turret Fix
- updated Quests Extended v2.00 by spoter
- updated Vehicle Exp Extended v2.02 by spoter
- updated Tank gun directions on minimap
- updated AutoAim Indication+
- fixed back-up of YasenKrasen session stats cache
- removed Spot Indicator (abondoned)
- removed Advanced Aiming System (need more tests for stability)

v4.3.5 (29-04-2015):
- added WoT replay manager
- added Roktaal's Compact Horizontal Techtree
- added OTM Reload (Show reload of all tanks)
- added Progress Indicator Text Mod
- added Piciu's War Thunder Gun Sounds
- added Piciu's War Thunder Engine Sounds
- updated Armoring extended v1.10 by spoter
- updated J1mbo's contour icons
- updated xobotyi by galagan contour icons
- updated Ashbane contour icons
- updated Tomsas contour icons
- updated Wizards contour icons
- updated mightyjosHis contour icons
- updated PogS contour icons
- updated Best Icons Ever by Grandorf
- updated Corehorn's contour icons
- updated Skins of destroyed vehicles (with 4 options)
- updated Spotted extended v2.04 by spoter
- updated YasenKrasen session stats and colored messages v0.9.7.1

v4.3.4 (28-04-2015):
- updated XVM
- updated Witblitz - Super Mini
- updated Locastans hd minimap
- updated vito74ms better minimaps
- updated Allied silouhettes by Locastan
- updated locastans UI mod (beta) [scaling UI elements for 4K resolution]
- updated Gnomefather's gun sounds v1.962

v4.3.3 (27-04-2015):
- fixed Pershing icon on Aslain's regular and classical iconset
- re-added Spotted vehicle direction on aim circle
- re-added Tank gun directions on minimap
- re-added Mjolnir crosshair
- updated Loretai's xvm config with {{r}} macro
- updated Armoring extended v1.09 by spoter
- updated Autoaim extended v2.05 by spoter
- updated Crew Exp Extended v3.09 by spoter
- updated Direction indicator extended v1.07 by spoter
- updated Quests Extended v1.08 by spoter
- updated Webium's contour icons
- updated Prudenter's contour icons
- updated Druid's contour icons
- updated Contrabass' contour icons
- removed rating type selection from installer (now you can set it on XVM website

v4.3.2 (26-04-2015):
- updated XVM to v6.1.0
- updated Gnomefather's gun sounds v1.96 and engines v0.60
- updated WWIIHWA gun sounds v3.09 and engines v3.03
- updated WoT Region Changer v4.1
- fixed installing Goharu hitzones (do clean-up DLC folder)
- added Locastan's session stats normal and minimalistic
- removed Spotted vehicle direction on aim circle (suspected to be bugged)
- removed Tank gun directions on minimap (suspected to be bugged)

v4.3.1 (25-04-2015):
- updated P_MoD #15-2
- updated Hardscope crosshair v11.7
- updated 6 colors rating scale (picture preview still shows old one)
- added MultiHitLog
- added Compact Horizontal Tech Tree
- added couple of WoT Tweaker options
- added White Death skins 1%
- added Gnomefather's engine sounds
- fixed few P_MoD zoom settings
- fixed Reload Sabot UP sound
- removed Kriegstreiber's Crosshair "Mjölnir" (not working in 9.7)
- there seem to be some issue with very long game loading times when Koshnaranek zoom-in is installed

v4.3.0 (24-04-2015):
- compatible with WoT 9.7
- various mods removed until their authors update them to 9.7
- there might be still some mods that may cause issues in 9.7, yet I'm releasing the modpack because of huge demand, and bugs will be fixed another day

v4.2.57 (21-04-2015):
- updated Hunter's Premium-Camouflage mod (hanging no more if AMX-13-57 GF is present)
- added GTO's Penetration marker (right above garage mods)

v4.2.56 (20-04-2015):
- added A-Team pack by MrBully (6th sense icon, sound, and crew voices)
- added Hunter's Premium-Camouflage mod (better camo except for Japan and China)

v4.2.55 (19-04-2015):
- updated most of iconsets to be compatible with latest WG micropatch

v4.2.54 (17-04-2015):
- added new OTM option: Squad number on the right and tier number on the left side
- replaced Duke Dukem crew sounds with a newer version
- fixed vehicle class icons on default XVM hitlog
- enlarged and moved more to right the Low HP exclamation mark (below 25% hp)

v4.2.53 (16-04-2015):
- added new "bell" reload sound
- changed rating of Default XVM from XWN8 to WN8
- updated clanMod to v0.9.6.9 (supporting new WG API now)
- updated Colored chat messages YasenKrasen PL, EN (micropatch fix)

v4.2.52 (15-04-2015):
- removed Kriegstreiber's Ambience sounds (too big and complicated mod, causing issues every WG minipatch - paths.xml...)
- updated Realtime Achievement Announcer (RTAN) by Aim_drol
- updated Hangar Manager 'HangMan' with few built-in garages

v4.2.51 (15-04-2015):
- removed Transparent Clan Logos by OlliN (hanging in garage after todays micropatch)

v4.2.50 (14-04-2015):
- changed appearance of PP option: Narrow field, with client language flags
- added update checking on installer launch
- corrected player name size in all BattleLoading and Stat Tab variants
- removed option: Display Clan Icons - for medium panel with flags (obsolete)

v4.2.49 (13-04-2015):
- added new "click" reload sound (I'll change this sound to better one later)
- added new option: medium PlayersPanel with HP Bars and client language flags - thin bars colored by player rating (as requested by Jacke)
- added my old Aslain's mod updater
- removed NotificationBox mod, since it's author couldn't proof it's safe, he tried to hack me instead
- note: the installer will install correct XVMSymbol font since now

v4.2.48 (11-04-2015):
- improved javascript code execution
- corrected variable hp bars size on medium and large players panels
- corrected player name size in advanced BattleLoading and Stats Tab

v4.2.47 (10-04-2015):
- added Ashbane's contour icons VR.R and VR.HP
- added Turret fix aka Chaos Gun by reven86 [synchronizes regular gun with a server crosshair]
- the installer will no longer install paths.xml (the only mod that does now is KT Ambiente, use with care, because after removing this mod, the game won't run anymore without fixing paths.xml)
- it should be safe to install this modpack version on Asia and RU clients without the WG minipatch

v4.2.46 (08-04-2015):
- updated paths.xml after today's WG minipatch
- updated Hangar Manager 'HangMan' with few built-in garages
- applied Kriegstreiber's Ambience sounds fix for WG minipatch 08-04-2015
- note: this is critical update, without it your game may stop to work after April 12th

v4.2.45 (07-04-2015):
- updated Gnomefather's Gun sounds v1.952
- fixed session stats back-up system
- selecting WN8 rating shouldn't launch special rating change script now (not needed)

v4.2.44 (02-04-2015):
- updated Realtime Achievement Announcer (RTAN) by Aim_drol
- fixed installing Shooter's damage panel v2
- added new switch to OTM Reload mod: Show rounds in ammo clips
- changed compression method in the installer (should install faster in price of it's size)

v4.2.43 (01-04-2015):
- updated Spotted extended v2.03 by Spoter
- added few missing preview pictures
- fixed option: Display Clan Icons without spotting icons

v4.2.42 (31-03-2015):
- updated YasenKrasen session stats and colored messages v0.9.6.2
- updated Rozszerzone Informacje by Nikodemsky for wg micropatch
- fixed issue with missing some special effects like smoke and explosions
- fixed bugs caused by latest WG micropatch in KT's Hits and Ambiente sounds
- fixed bugs caused by latest WG micropatch in Gnomefather's gun sounds

v4.2.41 (30-03-2015):
- removed Gnome's gun sounds that stopped to work after WG minipatch today
- removed Kriegstreiber's Hit sounds that stopped to work after WG minipatch today
- removed Spotted extended (Firefly) v2.02 by Spoter (new issues, with minimap, 6th sense etc.)
- added Tank Lights (right above crosshair mods)
- added new option in OTM Reload mod: Hide reload of allied tanks
- note that Kiskami paintball mod was replaced with Colored Damage Stickers mod

v4.2.40 (29-03-2015):
- re-added Spotted extended (Firefly) v2.02 by Spoter
- updated Crew Exp Extended v3.07
- slightly reworked Marks of Excellence on tank carousel (position, decimals as suggested by mar_p)

v4.2.39 (27-03-2015):
- fixed config in Crew Exp Extended v3.06 (to display training lvl correctly)
- updated vito74m's gun & hits sounds v1.4
- updated Mod ESL v3.1
- removed decimals from percentage Marks of Excellence on tank carousel

v4.2.38 (25-03-2015):
- updated Crew Exp Extended v3.06
- added Colored Damage Stickers with 5 sub-options
- removed kiskami paintball mod
- moved the "Tank gun directions on minimap" to new place (right above garage mods)

v4.2.37 (24-03-2015):
- updated WN8 expected values v19
- reworked minimap images branch
- fixed installing minimap images by vito74m
- added Shooter's Damage Panel (v1 and v2)
- added Custom shell, consumable, module icons and more by vito74m
- moved the OTM reload mod to different section (right above garage mods)

v4.2.36 (23-03-2015):
- added new carousel option to display Marks of Excelence in percents
- added Aslain's CB regular and Centered CB [based on Aslain's modern icon]
- updated Gun sounds by vito74m v1.3
- updated Hit sounds by vito74m v1.3a
- updated Intro music & ambience sounds by vito74m v1.1

v4.2.35 (22-03-2015):
- added Roktaal's Compact Horizontal Techtree v1.2
- updated full clan icon packs EU, KR, NA, ASIA (state of march 2015)
- fixed runtime error when using small installer window option

v4.2.34 (21-03-2015):
- updated Moonio's contour icons v1.8
- re-branched the OTM reload section: split into textual and circual display
- added option to load the installer with small window / disable mod-preview
- added option: No Fog to Improved Lighting Mod branch
- added new mod: Enhanced camouflage skins by vito74 [next to Hitzones in installer]
- added new mod: Destroyed objects sounds by vito74m
- added new mod: Gui sounds & some crew voices by vito74m
- added new mod: Intro music & ambience sounds by vito74m
- added new mod: Contour Icons by vito74m
- note: the Better Minimaps by vito74m require to set texture quality to max in game options! [if you don't you will see a blurry minimap images]

v4.2.33 (19-03-2015):
- updated Gun sounds v1.1 by vito74m
- updated Better Minimaps v1.1 by vito74m [rised resolution]
- installer languages update DK, FR, ES

v4.2.32 (19-03-2015):
- downgraded Advanced Aiming System to previous alpha because new one is causing issues with some camera mods like Battle Assistant
- removed Detailed Tank Tooltips v1.01 by Spoter (not needed)
- updated XVM v6.0.3
- updated Crew Skill Informer v0.3
- updated all internal apps required for installer
- updated Hit sounds v1.1 by vito74m
- updated XVM macros: {rating} & {t-rating} to {winrate} & {t:winrate) in all configs

v4.2.31 (18-03-2015):
- added gun sounds by vito74m
- updated WoT Region Changer v3.3
- updated Advanced Aiming System
- updated Kriegstreiber's Ambience sounds v4.05
- updated Kriegstreiber's Crosshair "Mjölnir" v3 PRE-2

v4.2.30 (17-03-2015):
- updated Aslain's vehicle icons Regular and Classical for WoT 0.9.7 CT
- updated Crew Exp Extended v3.05
- added Better Minimaps by vito74m
- added OTM Reload (Display reload of all tanks)

v4.2.29 (16-03-2015):
- added crew voices: Borderlands 2 (Psycho & Marauder Biker Dude)
- added english language to Pro Arty crosshair
- fixed description on Crew Skill Informer (should be BACKSPACE)
- reduced the medium2 panel size in my XVM config
- changed spg crosshair in Zayaz crosshair to ProArty [there was a font issue]
- updated Moonio's contour icons v1.7

v4.2.28 (15-03-2015):
- replaced Maggz clanMod with regular clanMod (Maggz one stoped to work)
- added Zayaz crosshair
- added Blue crosshair
- added Crew Skill Informer (activation: SPACE)
- added Gnome's engine sounds with radio
- updated Hit sounds by vito74m
- updated Crew Sounds by vito74m
- fixed Players Panel transparency switch and Start Mode switch

v4.2.27 (14-03-2015):
- updated XVM v6.0.2
- added new OTM option: Skull & Bones icon for enemy, angel wings for ally
- added new OTM option: Skull & Bones for both ally and enemy
- added new mod: Debug Panel with Tactical Map (ru)

v4.2.26 (12-03-2015):
- added missing the none start mode in Players Panel section
- added new mod: Extra Aim Info (for SPG)
- updated man1aq ContourMod
- updated Ritterkreuz crew voices v3.0

v4.2.25 (10-03-2015):
- updated Vehicle Exp Extended v2.01
- re-added updated Realtime Achievement Announcer (RTAN) (most likely safe)
- removed Spotted extended (Firefly) (it's causing live wrecks and ctd's)
- repacked Black and White HD minimap images (to fix Westfield)
- slightly reworked J1mbo's crosshair section
- added Loretai's modpack (PL lang.) [note: installing it will ignore all my custom XVM settings!]

v4.2.24 (09-03-2015):
- updated WoT Region Changer v3.2
- updated HARDscope v11.6 [in-game settings works again]
- updated Direction indicator extended v1.06
- updated Vehicle Exp Extended v2.0
- updated Crew Exp Extended v3.04
- updated Detailed Tank Tooltips v1.01
- removed Real Time Battle Awards (RTAN) [suspected for ctd's and live wrecks]

v4.2.23 (04-03-2015):
- added new hitzone skins: Fire & Ammo Rack by BadBoy78
- added Improved Lighting Mod by lgfrbcsgo for 9.6
- added Real Time Battle Awards (RTAN)

v4.2.22 (02-03-2015):
- updated XVM to 3886
- updated Wizard's contour mod
- updated Custom Login Screens by LegendaryStoner
- added missing Obj. 260 icon to Aslain's regular and classical icons

v4.2.21 (28-02-2015):
- fixed ESL Mod (it's correct v2.2 now)
- updated Giacint crosshair
- updated XVM Symbol font
- attention: Melty's crosshair + Battle Assistant + koshnaranek zoom-in will not work but should work with P_mod scripts

v4.2.20 (27-02-2015):
- fixed ProArty crosshair
- fixed Rozszerzone informacje by Nikodemsky (PL)
- added black & white HD minimap images
- added new 6th sense icons: red sign and bulb
- added Detailed Tank Tooltips by Spoter
- added Artasan's vehicle contour icons
- added Spotted extended (Firefly) v2.01 by Spoter
- attention: Melty's crosshair is currently incompatible with Battle Assistant

v4.2.19 (26-02-2015):
- updated XVM to v6.0.1
- updated Artillery sight on the minimap (for new XVM 6.0.1)
- corrected mastery mark icon position on the advanced 0.8 scale carousel
- added Gun Reload Sound branch
- added "Sabot UP" reload sound (thanks gkarageorgos for helping)

v4.2.18 (24-02-2015):
- added crew voices Madagascar - Alternative version (PL lang.)
- updated Battle Assistant v1.2.6
- downgraded XVM to nightly 3850 (some users had issues with dead tanks etc.)

v4.2.17 (24-02-2015):
- added old Harpoon crosshair v2.1 (ru)
- added branches to Melty's, Deegie's and Mjolnir crosshair
- added new option: Ignore finishing series to Quests Extended
- added PMOD zoom-in options to Zoom settings in the installer
- added new crosshairs: Shooter and Optic TRG
- added locastans UI mod (beta) [scaling UI elements for 4K resolution]
- updated XVM to nightly 3867
- updated WoT Region Changer v3.1
- updated Autoaim indication+

v4.2.16 (23-02-2015):
- updated Harpoon crosshair v3.0 (en, ru)
- updated Autoaim indication+
- added Accurate Damage Indicator #5
- added a 15 sec display script to all Accurate Damage Indicators
- added new branch: Debug Panels with 3 options inside
- added english version of Mini Damage Panel by Nikodemsky

v4.2.15 (22-02-2015):
- updated Effective Armor Calculator (battletimer.swf fix, vehicle data change)
- updated XVM to nightly 3850
- removed spammy script: ProSights.pyc (don't ask me to add it again)
- fixed Mav's Ultra Fog Remover (wrong file name for Sacred Valley map)

v4.2.14 (20-02-2015):
- changed keys for HangMan to arrow UP & DOWN (rest keys disabled in mod)
- affected mods due above change are Dumadidak Black hangar, Bat Cave , Miku
- added new option to Multi Hit Log: WN8 & EFF
- added Mini Damage Panel by Nikodemsky
- added Skins with hitzones by KoreanRandom

v4.2.13 (19-02-2015):
- updated Blocked damage extended v1.08 by Spoter
- added new start mode options in Players Panel section
- added new minimalistic option in Info Panel section
- added Bat Cave Hangar (with hangman)
- replaced the modpack version checker with similar mod

v4.2.12 (19-02-2015):
- updated Blocked damage extended v1.07 by Spoter
- updated Multi Hit Log v2.0
- updated crosshair HARDscope v11.5 (removed option for ussr and german)
- updated Gnomefather's Gun sounds v1.951
- added Polish translation to Blocked damage extended
- enabled text animations in Deegie's arcade view (to fix gun type showing)

v4.2.11 (18-02-2015):
- re-added Show PW saving box (aka. Save Login Asia)
- updated YasenKrasen Deutsch (PapaDigi)
- updated Rozszerzone informacje by Nikodemsky (PL)
- updated ProArty crosshair (new fixed script)
- updated Dumadidak Black Hangar (added cracked ground texture)
- updated Torque icon contour mod
- removed Allahu Akbar Voice

v4.2.10 (17-02-2015):
- removed Save Login Asia (not working)
- added Replays Manager v8
- added Kriegstreiber's Crosshair "Mjölnir" v3 PRE
- added Kriegstreiber's Ambience sounds v4.04 (DLC be availble later, still uploading it)
- updated Kriegstreiber's Hit sounds v3.021
- updated Deegie's crosshair script
- updated Dumadidak Black Hangar with HangMan (so now it works with event hangar)

v4.2.9 (16-02-2015):
- removed Grandpa's Content Mods (bugging Fjord and Fisherman maps)
- updated HangMan mod
- updated Nikodemsky icon contour mod
- updated ProArty spg crosshair
- updated scripts for Deegie's crosshair
- updated scripts for Standard crosshair, with better timer and more
- updated Damagepanel Gambiter 0.9.6
- updated SpotMessanger (Fixed lamp not showing)
- added new option to Gambiters branch: Show repair panel in center (activation: CTRL button)
- added Direction indicator extended v1.05 by Spoter
- added Spot indicator branch
- re-added Kriegstreiber's Gun sounds v3.083
- re-added Kriegstreiber's Engine sounds v3.0-pre1
- re-added Kriegstreiber's Hit sounds v3.02
- re-added Arcade-Sniper Switch Lag Fix + Max Farplane
- re-added Mod ESL v2.2
- re-added Kodos compact horizontal tech-tree
- replaced MaxFarPlane + No Fog with Mav's Ultra Fog Remover
- removed option: Hide angles indicator from Gambiter damage panel (temporary, until some re-add the angles to gambiter again)

v4.2.8.1 (15-02-2015):
- reverted XVM back to (latest version is very unstable)
- small fix to component list

v4.2.8 (15-02-2015):
- updated XVM to nightly 3811
- updated P_Mod script (v14-2)
- updated InfoPanel script (by Assassik)
- updated man1aq Contour Mod
- updated Witblitz Contour Mod - Super Mini
- added Piciu's War Thunder Gun v1.83 & Engine Sounds v1.23
- added Terrorist Allahu Akbar Voice Mod
- added Blocked damage extended v1.03 by Spoter
- added central marker v3 to Deegie's crosshair
- re-added Colored skins of destroyed vehicles
- re-added Skins with hitzones by
- re-added Miku Hangar Mod 2.0 (WGDC ver.) by Parking Area Team
- re-added automatic session stats back-up system
- re-added Vbaddict's ATS and BRR mods (for Active Dossie Uploader)

v4.2.7 (14-02-2015):
- removed hangar tooltips mod from Vehicle-Exp extended
- updated Vehicle-Exp extended to another v1.08 (from 12th Feb)
- updated Autoaim extended to to another v2.04 (from 12th Feb)
- re-added AutoTelescope (should work, it's latest version available)

v4.2.6 (14-02-2015):
- updated XVM to nightly 3800
- updated WoT Region Changer 3.0
- updated Spotmessanger
- updated Artillery sight on the minimap (also re-added all 10 options)
- updated Deathmatch announcer
- updated No Camo by Artsan
- added Hangar Manager 'HangMan' with few built-in garages
- added Locastan's session stats (both detailed and minimalistic)
- added White Death by Artasan
- removed AutoTelescope (not working)

v4.2.5 (13-02-2015):
- updated XVM v6.0.0.3
- updated ReCo's Vertical Techtree v9.6.1
- updated TORQue Contour Mod v1.9
- updated TessuMod 0.5.2 (WOT/Teamspeak integration mod)
- updated J1mB0's Contour Icon Mod v1.40
- updated Pogs contour icon mod 3.x Oxmaster continued
- updated Webium's contour icon
- updated Prudenter Icons
- updated Skins with hitzones from Dendyt
- updated WoT Tweaks section
- added MaxFarPlane with Fog Remover
- added Dumadidak Black Hangar (minimalistic hangar)

v4.2.4 (12-02-2015):
- updated XVM to nightly 3788
- fixed missing icon in Aslain's contour icons modern roman
- fixed folder inside Aslain's Colored Tech-Tree and Vehicle list icons
- fixed cameranode.pyc (thanks fronti3r_eu for finding this out)
- added Gnomefather's Gun sounds and Engine sounds
- updated Wizard's Contour Icon Mod v2.0
- updated Locastans Enhanced HD Minimaps Gen.4
- updated Tomsa's Contour Icons Mod (Jackhammer's style)
- updated Transparent Nation Decals, Stickers & Inscriptions
- updated Transparent Camouflage (by camo pattern)
- updated Transparent Clan Logos by OlliN

v4.2.3 (12-02-2015):
- updated XVM to nightly 3786
- updated Aslain's contour icons
- updated Best Icons Ever by Grandorf
- updated mightyjosHi's Contour Icons
- added YasenKrasen session stats
- added Colored messages EN by YasenKrasen
- added option to hide all clan icons
- fixed Advanced Aiming System
- fixed tank carousel when only Master Mark option is selected

v4.2.2 (11-02-2015):
- updated Quests Extended v1.07 (fix)
- tuned-up script for installing sound mods
- added YasenKrasen session stats
- added Colored messages PL by YasenKrasen
- fixes to component list
- fixes to DLC

v4.2.1 (11-02-2015):
- updated Quests Extended v1.07
- updated Vehicle Exp Extended v1.08
- updated Crew Exp Extended v2.11
- updated Autoaim extended v2.04
- updated Battle Assistant v1.2.5
- updated AutoTelescope
- updated BalCalcMod

v4.2.0 (11-02-2015):
- updated XVM to
- adaptation to Wot 0.9.6
- certain mods and sections were removed temporary (waiting for update)
- expect some issues, this is first version for 9.6
- also expect one or two more modpack version today, if they update some mods

v4.1.42 (10-02-2015):
- added crew icons: Girls Und Panzer Crew Swimsuit Edition
- added Megamind crew voices, 6th sense icon and 6th sense sound
- added WoT Region Changer
- added run option for KT Ambiente
- added Extended Filters Pack

v4.1.41 (09-02-2015):
- tuned-up colors in the CB color scheme
- slightly changed tank carousel options
- updated Autoaim indication+

v4.1.40 (08-02-2015):
- changed dynamical color of wn8expd macro to green on the advanced carousel info
- fixed CB colors on the minimap when Green vs. Violet (CB) is selected
- added new section: Tank gun directions on minimap
- updated Quests Extended v1.06
- re-running the installer will automaticaly restore paths.xml

v4.1.39 (07-02-2015):
- updated Received Damage Announcer EU (fix to team announcing)
- added Kriegstreiber's Ambience sounds v4.03
- attention: the ambience sounds will overwrite some other garage and sound mods. Additionaly will cause issues when you want to uninstall it -> required manual renaming of paths.xml.original to paths.xml

v4.1.38 (03-02-2015):
- re-added ModESL 2.0 (looks like it's working after all)
- added Accurate Damage Indicator #4
- added Shell Panel #2

v4.1.37 (02-02-2015):
- reworked tank carousel section (it's scale change friendly now)
- updated and reworked Deathmatch announcer section
2015.01.30 0.9.5  v4.1.36 (30-01-2015):
- updated Crew Exp Extended v2.09
- updated Aslain's contour icons - regular and classical
- updated Marks of Excellence icons on the carousel
- added 6th sense sounds OMC
2015.01.30 0.9.5   v4.1.35 (30-01-2015):
- removed Mod ESL 2.0 (bugged by WG since they introduced winter battle)
2015.01.29 0.9.5  v4.1.34 (29-01-2015):
- added Marks of Excellence to extra carousel info
- added new options to KT crosshair section
- added Auto-aim extended v2.03 by spoter
- reworked Auto-aim section
2015.0128 0.9.5  v4.1.33 (28-01-2015):
- added Advanced Aiming System (works like BalCalcMod but is automatic)
- removed unwanted gun constrains setting in Zayaz damage panel
2015.01.27 0.9.5  v4.1.32 (27-01-2015):
- updated script for J1mbo's crosshair
- updated Aslain's contour icons with new 9.6 CT vehicles
- updated stat.pyc in YasenKrasen PL
- added warning labels to the spoter mods (these mods are unstable)
- added Dendyt hitzone skins 9.5
- fixed the installer updater script to display version properly
2015.01.23 0.9.5  v4.1.31 (23-01-2015):
- updated Tomsa's Contour Icons Mod (Jackhammer's style)
- updated YasenKrasen session stats v0.9.5.3 (EN, PL, PapaDigi DE)
- updated YasenKrasen Colored Messages (EN, PL)
- updated Rozszerzone informacje by Nikodemsky (PL)
- fixed the squad number appearance on the OTM
- reverted change to Vehicle-Exp Extended section
- re-added Quests Extended v1.05
2015.01.22 0.9.5  v4.1.30 (22-01-2015):
- updated Vehicle-Exp Extended v1.07
- changed Vehicle-Exp Extended section
- added Historical Login Screens by fr_Jagdmeister
- added crew voices Hlášky: z filmů a seriálů (Czech lang.)
- fixed option: Nuke icon for enemy, angel wings for ally
2015.01.21 0.9.5  v4.1.29 (21-01-2015):
- updated XVM to nightly 3696
- updated crew voices Hallack (19.01.2014)
- updated Rozszerzone informacje by Nikodemsky
- updated Maggz Clan Mod
- updated Battle Assistant v1.2.3
- updated Vehicle-Exp Extended/Quest Extended texts
- added asterix spotting marker option
- added Hangar Tooltips script to Vehicle Exp Extended
- added Girls Und Panzer crew icons
- added Girls Und Panzer crew voices
- added Girls Und Panzer 6th sense sound
- added Girls Und Panzer 6th sense icon
2015.01.20 0.9.5 v4.1.28 (20-01-2015):
- updated XVM to nightly 3695
- revered to the older "UP" reload sound mod
(newer one is affected by adware window)
- added Vehicle-Exp Extended v1.06
- added minion 6th sense sound
Few version ago folder structure has changed to new XVM 6.0-dev:
- new XVM configs path: res_mods\configs\xvm\
- new Clan Icons path: res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res\clanicons
- new Contour Icons path: res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res\contouricons
- new Sixth Sense path: res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res\SixthSense.png
2015.01.18 0.9.5 く v4.1.27 (18-01-2015):
- added Vehicle-Exp Extended v1.05 (there is newer version available, but cannot translate it)
- added Custom shell, consumable & module icons by Jote
- added Druid's Icon Mod Revisited
- added Quests Extended (automated Personal Missions)
- added Giacint crosshair
- added WG Individual Mission's Female Crew Mod
- updated the UP reload sound mod
- reworked Battle Assistant section
2015.01.16 0.9.5 v4.1.26 (16-01-2015):
- updated YasenKrasen session stats and colored messages EN, PL v0.9.5.2 - updated Nikodemsky Contour Mod v1.06-repack
- updated AutoAim indicator mod
- updated P_Mod's script
- removed Vehicle Exp Extended (waiting for update)
- added option for Clan Icons position without spotting icons
- added option to disable XVM stat icons
- fixed option for hidding spotting icons - fixed hidding language flags
2015.01.15 0.9.5 v4.1.25 (15-01-2015):
- updated XVM to nightly 3692
- updated crew voices Hallack
- the language change warning is back
2015.01.15 0.9.5 v4.1.24 (15-01-2015):
- updated XVM to nightly 3688
- updated Best icons ever mirrored
- updated YasenKrasen colored messages PL
- disabled Yasenkrasen colored messages EN, DE (waiting for update)
- disabled Advanced tips for skills PL (waiting for update)
- added new option: 60m zoom-out
- fixed few error 404's
- fixed SeaFalcon's & XTF's mod installing
2015.01.14 0.9.5 v4.1.23 (14-01-2015):
- updated XVM to nightly 3682
- updated modpack to new XVM folder structure
- corrected icon size on the HP circles on minimap
- option: Show icons for destroyed vehicles will work on alt. minimap too now
- Clean Install is mandatory!
2015.01.13 0.9.5 v4.1.22 (13-01-2015):
- updated Mod ESL v2.0
- updated clanMod to 9.5 (Maggz's revision)
- added Deegie's crosshair (Green)
- added option: Vehicle health circles on the alternative minimap mode 
2015.01.12 0.9.5 v4.1.21 (12-01-2015):
- updated Deegie's crosshair
- added new option: Vehicle health circles on the minimap
- added green MeltysMap crosshair
- added Hangar calculator
- fixed class markers on hitlog when default icons are installed
2015.01.10 0.9.5 v4.1.20 (10-01-2015):
- added clanMod
- reworked the advanced info on carousel branch
- updated J1mB0's Crosshair v1.46
- switched over the XVM stat icon position with client lang. flag
- improved client language change message
2015.01.09 0.9.5 v4.1.19 (09-01-2015):
- updated ModESL 1.9
- added Grandpa's custom skins mod
- added white server crosshair option
- added Harpoon (RU) crosshair
- added bulb spotting icons option
2015.01.07 0.9.5 v4.1.18 (07-01-2015):
- updated "Best Icons Ever"
 (added mirrored icons)
- added 17 hangars pack by Goofy
 (switch: numlock key 4 & 6)
- replaced Melty's crosshair script back to sights.pyc, since crosshair.pyc was not allowing to change crosshair options
- now you should see a warning message if you'll try to install a mod that may change client language to Polish
2015.01.06 0.9.5 v4.1.17 (06-01-2015):
- updated default XVM config
- updated Improved Lighting Mod by lgfrbcsgo
- fixed encoding in texts.xc on some windows versions
- replaced Melty and J1mbo's sights.pyc with new script that has fixed reloading counter
- added XVM user icon to battle loading and statistic tab windows
 (will add switch later)
2015.01.05 0.9.5 v4.1.16 (05-01-2015):
- updated XVM to
- updated Kriegstreiber's Crosshair "Mjolnir" v2.997
- fixed Autotelescope choices
- cleaned up XVM directory structure
- replaced camera scripts back to sights.pyc
 (prosights script is showing a warning message that script is being used illegaly + advertising 3rd party russian modpack in garage)
2015.01.04 0.9.5 v4.1.15 (04-01-2015):
- updated XVM to 5.5.1
- updated Witblitz Contour Mod
- Super Mini
- updated Gnome's gun sounds v1.9461
- updated J1mB0's Crosshair Mod v1.45
- updated AutoAim indicator mod
- updated Battle Shell Cooldown Buttons mod
- fixed advanced stats on the 5 row tank carousel option
- replaced script sights.pyc with ProSights.pyc on certain crosshairs to fix reload bug
- added "Best Icons Ever" by Grandorf
- added contrabass tank icons
- enabled "show crew experience" on battle results window
2015.01.03 0.9.5 v4.1.14 (03-01-2015):
- updated XVM nightly 3624
- updated Top 150 clans
- updated Kriegstreiber's Crosshair "Mjolnir" v2.995
- added locastans enh. HD minimap Gen 4
 (Full Mod)
- added Wizard's Contour Icon Mod
- added mightyjosHi's Contour Icons
- added tank contour icons xobotyi by galagan
- added option to reset YK stats daily
- reworked locastans enh. HD minimap Gen 4 branch
- shrinked the server crosshair size if J1mbo crosshair is installed
- fixed Vehicle Exp Extended
 (english version)
2015.01.02 0.9.5 v4.1.13 (02-01-2015):
- updated XVM to nightly 3618
- updated Man1aq contour icons
- updated Vehicle Exp Extended 1.05 + detailed tank tooltips
- updated AutoAim Indication+ v01.02.2015
- updated Kodos contour icons
- updated Kodos compact horizontal tech-tree
- updated Kriegstreiber's Crosshair "Mjolnir" v2.994
- fixed session stats cache back-up system
2014.12.31 0.9.5 v4.1.12 (31-12-2014):
- added Transparent Camouflage
 (by camo pattern) to AFR
- added LegendarySpecies' TwoStepsFromHell Music Mod
- updated Miku Hangar v2 95
- updated Skins of destroyed vehicles
 (re-added brown, grey, white)
- fixed default hitlog icons
2014.12.30 0.9.5 v4.1.11 (30-12-2014):
- updated XVM to nightly 3612
- updated Kriegstreiber's Engine sounds v2.12
- updated AutoAim Indication+ (spg fix)
- removed obsolete files from HangMan mod
- removed not working options from SpotMessanger - corrected flags alpha on left playerspanel when medium panel with flags is installed
- corrected the size of server cross in Melty's crosshair
- changed text encoding on few default config files
- added PapaDigi's Session Stats
 (German only)
- fixed downloading Custom Login Screens
2014.12.29 0.9.5 v4.1.10 (29-12-2014):
- updated Standard crosshair, with better timer and more
- updated Tessu mod 0.5.1
- updated Moonio's icon contour mod v1.6
- updated Autotelescope mod to latest original
 (options restored)
- updated Mod ESL v1.8
 (for ESL only)
- updated Nikodemsky Contour Mod v1.05
- updated crew voices Teksty Hallacka
 (PL lang.)
- added 3 missing resolution options to RVT mod
- added Piciu's War Thunder Gun, Engine & Crew Sounds
- added Vehicle Exp Extended
 (hangar calculation of required experience to next tank)
- added SpotMessanger
- fixed installing Crew Exp Extended
- removed server flags, now it shows empty space when flag is not updated
2014.12.28 0.9.5 v4.1.9 (28-12-2014):
- added AutoAim Indication+
- added Crew Exp Extended
- updated Info Panel (ALT fix)
- updated Kriegstreiber's Turret Traverse Sounds v1.69
- fixed spotting icons on default playersPanel.xc
 (I'm still working on better spot icons position)
2014.12.27 0.9.5 v4.1.8 (27-12-2014):
- removed White Tracks
 (this is last time I ever added this crap, it is now on my personal ignore list, stop asking to add it again, it never works ok)
- added Advanced tips for skills (polish language version only!)
- added Arcade-Sniper Switch Lag Fix + Max Farplane
- added Transparent Clan Logos (to AFR section)
- updated Nikodemsky Contour Mod
- updated sights.pyc to something that might work better with reloading counter
- updated Artillery sight on the minimap
2014.12.26 0.9.5 v4.1.7 (26-12-2014):
- fixed vehiclenames.xc due to wrong text encoding on some system
- fixed Colored Messages PL
- fixed playerspanel spotting icons
- fixed short playerspanel
- fixed J1mbo icons mirroring
- disabled text animations on Deegie's sight
- disabled the Bulb spotting icon (need better implementation)
- updated moonio contour icons
- updated Custom Login Screens by LegendaryStoner
- added White Dead Tracks - added locastan's minimalistic session stats EN
2014.12.26 0.9.5 v4.1.6 (26-12-2014):
- updated XVM to 5.5.0
- updated HangMan hangar changer
- updated Skins with hitzones by KoreanRandom
- updated Goharu hitzone skins
- updated Pogs contour icon mod
- updated TORQue Contour Mod v1.8
- updated lgfrbcsgo's Improved Lighting Mod
- updated White Dead Tank skins
- updated Vbaddict's ATS and BRR mods (for Active Dossie Uploader)
- added Big Hot Keys for Consumables mod
- re-added AutoEquip (old version, works in 9.5)
- removed Autoaim indication (bugged, lot's of errors in python.log)
2014.12.25 0.9.5
v4.1.5 (25-12-2014):
- updated XVM nightly 3541
- reworked Display Clan Icon option
- fixed players panel error when installing original icons
- fixed installing players panel large (one more attempt)
- fixed installing Family Guy Voice Pack
2014.12.24 0.9.5 v4.1.4 (24-12-2014): - MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!
- updated XVM to nightly 3535
- updated DamagePanel Gambiter 9.5
- updated Prudenter icon mod 9.5
- updated J1mbo icon mod 9.5
- updated J1mB0's Crosshair v1.44
- updated Mav's Ultra Fog Remover
- updated WoT Tweaker branch
- updated No Camo by Artasan
- updated replays Manager
- updated AutoTelescope mod (w/o choices in installer)
- added flags switch to players panel section
2014.12.23 0.9.5 v4.1.3 (23-12-2014):
- updated XVM to nightly 3534
- updated OverCross crosshair 9.5
- updated YasenKrasen session stats PL v0.9.5.1
- updated RVT 9.5
- updated Colored Messages DE
- updated BattleMessenger
- Chat filter & antispam 9.5
- updated man1aq contour icons 9.5
- updated Easy crew voice selector
- updated KT's guns sounds v3.08
- updated KT's hit sounds v3.01
- updated KT's engine sounds v2.11
- updated Gnome's gun sounds v1.946
- updated Gnome's engine sounds v0.583
- fixed installing crew voices & 6th sense sounds - added client country flags to battleloading and stats tab
2014.12.22 0.9.5 v4.1.2 (22-12-2014): -
updated BalCalcMod
- updated Autotelescope mod
- updated Colored Messages EN, PL
- updated Locastan's session stats EN
- fixed installing PhattyL crew voices
- removed Annoying Features Remover (waiting for 9.5 udp.)
- removed Locastan's minimalistic stats (waiting for 9.5 upd.)
- removed YasenKrasen session stats PL (waiting for 9.5 upd.)
2014.12.22  0.9.5 v4.1.1 (22-12-2014):
- updated XVM to nightly 3520
- updated Progress Indicator text mod
- updated Webium's contour icons 9.5
- fixed very long checking for updates by installer
2014.12.22 0.9.5 v4.1.0 (22-12-2014):
- compatibility with World of Tanks update 9.5
- updated XVM to nightly 3513
- removed Aslain's regular & classical CB icons
 (discontinued, be possibly replaced by my experimental icons with custom color, but forget old colors, sorry)
- note: this is very first modpack for 9.5, expect more updates
- note: only my own and Jackhammer's icons were updated to 9.5, the rest will have missing tanks
- note: if you cannot find your mod here, it means it was disabled until it's updated to 9.5
2014.12.21 0.9.4 v4.0.35.1 (21-12-2014):
- updated XVM to nightly 3505
- fixed wrong folders 0.9.4
2014.12.20 0.9.4 v4.0.35 (20-12-2014):
- updated XVM to nightly 3487
- added Stay High, Jean-Luc Picard and Stewie Griffin 6th sense icons and sounds (by LegendaryStoner)
- added Family Guy crew mod (by LegendaryStoner)
- added Anime crew mod
2014.12.18 0.9.4  v4.0.34 (18-12-2014):
- updated installer language files
2014.12.18 0.9.4q  v4.0.33.1 (18-12-2014):
- updated XVM to nightly 3485
2014.12.17 0.9.4  v4.0.33 (17-12-2014):
- updated expected_tank_values.json v17 (YasenKrasen and Locastan's session stats)
- updated Hardscope crosshair to v11.4
- divided Hardscope crosshair into USSR and German version
- added new sound option: Silent Battle Timer
- added crosshair OverCross
- added german YasenKrasen session stats
- added new branch Annoying Features Remover - removed No Camo by Artasan
2014.12.16 0.9.4  v4.0.32 (16-12-2014):
- added new YasenKrasen option: Reset the stats daily (at 6:00am)
- reworked scroll sensitivity option
- reworked zoomout option
- fixed BalCalMod F key
- installer code optimization
2014.12.15 0.9.4  v4.0.31 (15-12-2014):
- improved the extraction method, so now you can use any file name you wish in the Aslains_Custom_mods folder (thanks to _Kirby and BegiN)
- added new Gambiter's branch option: Hide angles indicator
- added possibility to select two different keys for BalCalc mod
- updated Spotted vehicle direction on aim circle+
- fixed Blue vs Red, and Blue vs Orange colors on the alternative minimap (alt)
2014.12. 0.9.4 v4.0.30.1 (14-12-2014):
- added Players Panel medium option: Narrow field, with client language flags
- added Players Panel medium option: Narrow field, with client language letters
- updated spotting icons config code in few files
2014.12.12 0.9.4 v4.0.30 (12-12-2014):
- updated XVM to nightly 3476
- updated AutoAim indicator (yet another CW fix attempt from the author)
2014.12.10 0.9.4 v4.0.29.1 (10-12-2014):
- updated XVM to nightly 3470
- updated AutoAim+ (CW fix attempt)
- rewritten all configs to support recent changes in spotting icons
 2014.12.07  0.9.5 for TEST v4.0.29 for 9.5 CT (07-12-2014):
- updated XVM to nightly 3455
- updated AutoAim+ (possible fix to CW battle issues)
- updated Aslain's regular contour icons (added 25 new tanks)
- updated Aslain's classical contour icons (added 25 new tanks)
- disabled a lot of mods (temporary)